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The Tatzlwurm replaces ZoneEater and its palette swaps.  It was a rather late change, and because of the animation on Zone Eater's signature Engulf attack, the pose had to line up rather carefully.
The replacement for the Chaddarnook fight.  I wasn't able to find anything about the origins of that monster, so I started looking into mythological horses and found the Welsh Ceffyldwr, a horse that could turn into mist.  Since the fight used mist to obscure parts of the goddess, and water often represents tranformation, that seemed like a good fit for this fight.  Additionally, some information I found about it suggested that it would sometimes kidnap people, which fit well with its role in the game.
Sorry for the delay, I've been busy reparing for and recovering from a major event at work.

Next up is the Esper Galaxy, replacing the Esper Unicorn in the original game and retaining the original's pose.
In G1, Galaxy appeared a few times in the TV Series.  She doesn't really have much to do with the Unicorn Esper other than just being a unicorn pony.
Majesty is a G1 pony from a few UK-exclusive books.  She owned a set of magic horseshoes which could turn her invisible, making her a good fit to replace the Phantom Esper.
Moondencer is the Filly Fantasy VI replacement for the Esper Fenrir.  Moondancer is from the G1 movie Rescue From Midnight Castle.  She was chosen for this role due to her obvious connection to the moon, which appears prominently in Fenrir's summon animation.

Her pose is designed to match Fenrir's pose.  There was an older version of this sprite where the tail was a bit different,  but it had to be changed due to space limitations.  That sprite isn't included as I seem to have saved over it.
After quite a bit of work from myself and :icondrakeclawfang:DrakeClawfang, Filly Fantasy VI has reached official release.
You can download it at…

Now that the game is out, I plan to post art I've done for it each day, or as close to each day as I can remember to.  In addition to the sprites from the game, I'll be including sketches and unused versions of the sprites.

  • Reading: Five Nights at Freddy's: The Silver Eyes
  • Watching: Legends of Localization: Breath of Fire II
  • Playing: Europa Universalis IV


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I am a pony/fantasy/furry artist who doesn't draw nearly as often as he should(EDIT: Newbie Artist Training Ground and #MLP-NAT-Alumi seem to have fixed that). I play a lot of video games, which will show up in my art. I didn't learn to draw until I was 22, so I'm still learning a lot and always looking out for new things to learn. I learned to draw through the internet and books, rather than any classes or formal instruction.

Current Residence: Orlando, FL
Operating System: Ubuntu Linux, Windows XP/Vista64
Shell of choice: Gnome
Favorite cartoon character: Twilight Sparkle, Lyra, Derpy Hooves


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